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Toasty Toast by PhookaBoo

This is one good looking toast man, but I don't think I'll get too close to him with those sharp teeth he has there. I can see the true...


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Your name is Image hosted by and you've been put on this planet for seemingly one purpose. It's a good thing people like your stuff otherwise you would have been Image hosted by long ago. You're a hooman being with an interest in a fuckton of music, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, various vidya games, Skyrim, and Homestuck. You're currently Image hosted by years old. Your favorite color is Image hosted by

You identify most with Image hosted by, and it is a personal goal of yours to be able to learn how to play the Image hosted by You have quite the crush on Image hosted by who is way too cool for the likes of you anyway. Your current song of choice to listen to is Image hosted by

What will you do now?

I have a Moirail~ :iconbelgarion489:
Daughter-in-law Done Rocket Raccoon WAT Madestic Sour Cherry Pasta Ballsy Belly Dancing Keypy Creepy Drunk Nope Murdering AppleSpider~ :iconhollowgod696:

:iconpervydirkplz: :iconpervydaveplz: :iconpervyjakeenglishplz: :iconpervyjohnplz: :iconpervykarkatplz: :iconpervysolluxplz:
Although I normally don't do the 'tagged' bits, I'll make an exception for my dear :iconlightqken: who has tagged me. I might as well get back into writing things, no? However, I will change it up a bit. I'll answer the questions and say things about myself for all to read. Easy, yes? Then let us begin.

Thirteen [best number] facts about yours truly:

One - I am currently sitting at the ripe age of 21. Which means I'm legal to do pretty much everything. Except, of course, killing, maiming, kicking babies, what have you.

Two - I have three younger brothers. One is 20, one is 16, and the youngest is 14. He likes to speak about how he's actually 15, but the little shit ain't kidding no one. Fuckass.

Three - I own two animals. A dog and a kitten. My dog is a family pet so she's not actually living with me. Her name is Honey and she's a Golden Lab. She's about 9 or 10 now. Then my little kitten is named Mutini. She's a fluffy furball of fuck, but I love her.

Four - I've finally been able to move on from my last relationship and I'm looking forward to the future. There's a guy I like named Brandon, who is 24. He lives three hours away from me, but I head up to visit him and my other friends nearly every weekend. With his hair down, he looks like a lion and he's got a beard and wears glasses like I do.

Five - I have almost killed myself. It was a darker time, but I moved past it.

Six - I still haven't caught up on Homestuck. Worst writer ever. Teehee.

Seven - I have friends from all around the world. And that's how I like it. I might never meet them in real life, but friendship isn't set by boundaries of distance.

Eight - I LARP. I'm part of a society that dresses up and goes to our community center twice a month to RP out lives as vampires. It's a lot more complicated than explained here. You can check out the MES for more information. It's 18+ though, so youngins better not get any ideas in their heads.

Nine - My favor flavor is blue raspberry. Behind that is apple.

Ten - Pie is better than cake. I love apple pie the most, but bavarian cream is great too.

Eleven - I've dreamed about being a YouTuber since I was a freshman in high school. So it's been about six-seven years since then. I still dream of doing it someday. Let's Plays here I come!

Twelve - Dragon Age is my favorite game series. I adore it to death.

Thirteen - This is my favorite number. When I was 13, I created my email. I've had it since then.


The Answers:

1) country/area you're from?
    -I am from the Midwestern part of the United States. Partially in tornado alley, partially not. My state will go through all four seasons in one day. I'm not kidding.

2) all the languages you know! (even the slightest ones like if you just know how to say 'hi' its counted!!)
    -Spanish, Russian, French, English[of course], German

3) instrument you know how to play? (or instrument you'd like to learn)
    -I know how to play the clarinet and the accordion. I want to learn the violin.

4) country you'd like to visit/live in!
    -I would love to visit Germany, Switzerland, and France. I prefer living in my small town area however.

5) stars or clouds person? (or both!)
    -I'm more of a star person. I adore clouds too, but I work during the day so I don't really get to see them.

6) three or more things that make you happy!
    -Video games, my pets, internet, my friends, gaming

7) favourite set of colours? (pastel, neon, dark)
    -Neon-ish? I love orange[it's my favorite color], and it can be a neon sort. But I think I prefer natural overall?

8) the most recent thing that made you smile!
    -Calling Brandon and leaving a silly voicemail message for him

9) tag someone you'd love to hug/meet up! (can be more than one, or just say their real/username!)
    -Mainly my friend Keygore and then Thomas. Both of whom are my friends on here.

10) draw or write?
    -Writing of course. I can't draw for anything.

11) native language and a language you'd like to learn!
    -Native language is English and I wish to learn Russian.

12) sunset/sunrise?
    -Sunset. Sunrise is much too early for me.

13) a gemstone you relate to the most!
    -I assume this has something to do with Steven Universe? I don't watch it however. So I have nooo idea.

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  • Watching: EricVanWilderman
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  • Eating: --
  • Drinking: Fuze Raspberry Tea


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