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This is one good looking toast man, but I don't think I'll get too close to him with those sharp teeth he has there. I can see the true...


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xbox live!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2015, 1:51 PM
I finally have some because I have internet at my house now lol. Soooo. If you wanna add me on there just let me know in a note. Ill toss over my nametag (which isn't this username surprisingly) and hopefully we can play some games together!

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A look into the morning of Nat

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 16, 2015, 7:49 AM

For the past month or so, I’ve had about three types of dreaming. The first is the interesting dream, where it’s so random I don’t even know what’s going on. The second, and my favorite, is when I don’t dream at all. It’s just go to sleep and then wake up. The third is when my ex-boyfriend has somehow found his way into my dreams.

It is then that I find myself waking up, crying to my body to make my mind stop. Recently for the past two weeks, I try to get as little sleep as possible. ie; I go to bed at 3 and set multiple alarms to get up at 9, or I go to bed at 4 and wake up at 7:45. I do this so I don’t enter the deep REM sleep that dreams come from.

I don’t want the dreams. I actually woke up one morning, thinking about how I needed to get some medicine that didn’t make me dream [like a dreamless sleep potion in Harry Potter]. Unfortunately, stuff like that doesn’t exist. I bought some Z-Quil the other day, so hopefully when I take that, it’ll cause deep enough sleep to where I don’t dream.

It’s actually my only hope. Otherwise I’m stuck between killing myself because of lack of sleep [when driving to work or just tiredness and unwillingness to do things] or getting sleep but waking up and sobbing before going about my day, with random crying interventions.

One thing to note is that if I cry over something in my day, every time I see or hear anything that reminds me of it, I tear up a lot easier. Because my eyes are used to the crying already you see? And it’s not a good thing when I’m in my work parking lot, ready to go inside, with tears streaming down my face. I’m a pretty private person, and that practically screams to the world ‘Hey! There’s something fucked up about me and my life! Come see the freak show!’

It breaks my heart that I haven’t heard his voice or seen my ex-boyfriend in a month, but he invades my dreams like a jerk. As if to say ‘I’m still with you, even though the real me doesn’t want to be.”

I don’t know how much more I can take.

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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
[Jake x Reader]

Part II;; follows Time

[>Two years later]

My darling Rook,

It's been a few years now since we had to part ways. I imagine that you would be in your stage of terrible two's now. Getting into everything, annoying your daddy and me. But we'd love you all the more for it. I can almost envision what life would be like now if you had been born. Harder for us, sure, but it would have been wonderful at the same time. Your dad is almost done with medical school. He's just making his rounds at all the hospitals now.

Your dad is one smart cookie! And what do I do? What I'm doing for you now of course! I write. Novels, poems, prose, you name it. I don't get paid much, but that's because your mom is working hard to create that next best seller. Oh, it sounds like your father is home. He still doesn't know what I did, but I'll tell him someday. Out of my love for both of you. Wherever you are, I hope you're okay.


Closing the baby journal, [Name] ran her fingers over the embossed name: Rook Joseph English.

"For what once was and what could have been," the girl whispered, rising from her chair and tucking the book into the back of her manuscript shelf. She knew it was safe there. Jake never touched her manuscripts without her permission. Hearing the front door close, [Name] skipped down the stairs and into Jake's arms.

"Hullo to you too, love," the man said, laughing as he caught the springy woman. "How was your day?"

"Just a tad boring without you," [Name] said pouting. "What about yours?"

"Making the commute to the different hospitals is a bit tiresome, but we're almost done. That doctorate is within my grasp; I can feel it. Soon you'll be calling me Doctor English."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really." Jake buried his face in [Name]'s collarbone with a smile. "I'm tired. Can I go take a nap?"

"I guess so lazy man."

"Hey! I'll have you know-"

"I was kidding, love. Go take a nap. Dinner will be ready when you get up."

"Gadzooks. I'm lucky to have you, [Name]. I don't know what I'd do without you."

She just smiled. "I'm luckier my dear."


After cleaning the kitchen, rearranging some of dishes, and fixing up a quick dinner, [Name] crept upstairs to the bedroom. Jake was splayed out across the bed, his glasses tossed carelessly on the bedside table. Smiling to herself, the girl wandered over to his side of the bed. Reaching out, she shook his shoulder. "Jake?"

Snatching her around the waist, Jake tugged [Name] into bed with him and wrapped his arms around her. "Tired."

"Well I see that! But dinner is ready-"

"Sleepy. Not hungry."

"Alright, well I am so-"

"When are we gonna have a baby?"

[Name] stilled before turning a bit to look at Jake face to face. "What's up with the sudden question?"

"Not so sudden," the boy admitted with a sheepish smile. "When I found Rose's pregnancy test in our trash, I was so excited. Because I thought it was yours, and I thought we were going to have a child."

Guilt settled heavy in [Name]'s stomach. Tell him now! Tell him the truth!

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, love. I didn't think a raccoon would have his happy way with our trash and you would find it."

"S'okay. I think I would just like a little you running around here soon."

"Me too," [Name] whispered, thinking of her Rook. "Me too."


Sweet baby,

I'm trying to find the right words to say to your daddy. He still doesn't know about you. I'm sorry, my little RJ. I still feel a little guilty for keeping such a secret from him, but I don't know how to start or even when my thinking is supposed to end. Will I ever truly forget what I did? I did it not only for myself and your daddy, but also for you. Things would have been hard on us all, my love. I'm sorry that you were essentially caught in the crossfire. I wasn't ready, your daddy wasn't ready.

Obviously you were ready though weren't you? For a time, I was happy that I was going to have you. But life just doesn't work that way sometimes. I'm sorry, my Rook. I'm sor-

"What are you writing?"

[Name] jumped, slamming the book shut. "Jake! You scared the life out of me!"

His eyes caught the name of the title. "Rook Joseph English?"

Her hand slid across the name and covered it. "Yeah. I thought it was a nice name."

Jake placed his hand on top of hers. "Is this real? Are you-?"

"No." She slid her hand away, wrapping her arms around herself.

"I don't-oh, [Name]. Did you lose him?"

"By choice."

"Choice? How can that-Rose. The clinic. The test. It was yours. You had an abortion." Jake stumbled back from [Name], his eyes wide in confusion. "Why?"

"For us," she whispered, turning away from him. "With the student loans, you hardly being home when you have heavy hospital duty rounds. We weren't ready."

"That was not your choice to make!"

"Fuck you! It was my choice to make. It's my body, and it's my future!"

"It was my child! You could have at least had the courtesy to let me know, 'Oh hey Jake, by the way, I have something to tell you. I killed our child for us. I hope you're okay with that.'"

"At that early stage, it can hardly be called a fucking child. And you know what, Rose had one too months previous. We share the same sentiment about it being a bad time in our lives. I don't want to grow a child within my body for nine months only to fucking give it away."

"Why wouldn't we have kept him?!"

"Because I wasn't ready! We had just bought the house, my writing career wasn't kicking off as I had hoped, and you were busy with schoolwork day after day. And you're trying to tell me that we would have been able to raise a child? I write to him, to keep his memory alive. I feel sorry for what I did, but I'd do it again in the same situation."

"So instead of confiding in me, your boyfriend and the father of your child, you decided to gung-ho off on your own? We could have made it work, and if you truly believed we couldn't, then I could have been there for you. Instead, you went with your best friend and you lied to me. For two years!"

"I didn't lie. I just didn't tell you the entire truth. It wasn't the right time, and you know what, I'm thinking that the right time might never come."

[Name] shoved Jake out of the way and left the room, heading down the stairs and grabbing her keys that were hanging up on the wall.

"Where are you going?" The boy asked, coming down the stairs after her.

"I'm going to stay with my abortion buddy. I hope that's fucking okay."

"Wait, [Name] I-" He winced as the door slammed behind her. Running a hand through his hair, Jake sat on the bottom step of the stairs and buried his face in his hands. "Fuck."
109. Write
I didn't expect thERE WOULD BE A PART THREE?!

Ugh. 4am probs.

Fun facts:
*Joseph is my ex-boyfriend's name. I need to stop putting him in everything. ;w; I miss him and love him okay.
*Rook is actually what I'm going to name my future son. A shout out to chess [which my brother and ex love]. My Joseph actually made a joke when I told him the name. "C'mon Rook, don't be such a pawn." My lovable jackass. Or rather not mine anymore.


From here: 200 Prompts

Story (c) :iconnatsneko:

:iconpervyjakeenglishplz: (c) :iconthehussplz:

Top Image (c) Ikimaru again! Seriously check out the artwork lol
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
[Jake x Reader]

Her fingers tapped against the arm rest in agitation. She had to get this done now, or she would bolt the minute the opportunity presented itself. She had to do this though. There was no other way in her mind. Her companion stopped reading her magazine and looked over at [Name]. "Just relax."

"Easy for you to say, Rose," [Name] snapped.

"Not really. I've been here before. That's why I'm here with you."

[Name] slumped in her seat. "Yeah. Yeah, I know. I'm sorry."

"It's quite alright. I know how much you're going through right now. I know how much Jake is going through too."

"Which is exactly why I need to do this."

A nurse stepped out from the back. "Lois Lane?"

[Name] stood up quickly. "That's me."

"If you'll follow me, dear, we'll get you all set up."

Casting one look back at Rose, [Name] smiled at her before the doors closed behind her.

"So how old are you dear?"

It took [Name] a second to realize that the woman was speaking with her. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm twenty-two."

"And this was entirely your decision?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good. It's a question I always ask the girls because sometimes they're being forced. And we don't take forced patients. It has to be their choice alone."

[Name]'s mind wandered, wondering if Jake would ever force her in here. A smile finally made it's way to her face. No, he would never do that to her. In fact, she was fairly certain that he would be ecstatic if he found out. But it wasn't the right time, and [Name] knew this.

The nurse led her to a door with a smile. "The doctor will be with you shortly. Just make yourself comfortable."

[Name] nodded and let out a shaky breath. She was ready.


Rose popped another bubble with her gum as she perused the magazine she still held within her hands. She would continue to wait here as long as [Name] needed her. Her phone buzzed in her pocket, and she rolled her eyes before getting up out of her seat and stepping out of the lobby. She didn't want to disturb the other patrons after all.


"Hey there Rose!"

"Jake. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Whatcha doing?"

"Picking up some pills at the clinic."

"Oh. Say, uh, is [Name] with you?"

Shit. "Of course. We agreed to hang out today, no? She's in the bathroom right now."

"Oh. Okay. Hey, Rose?"

"Still here, English."

"Oh. Hardy har har ya funny lass. Listen, I think [Name] is pregnant."


"I'm pretty sure here! I mean, I'm cleaning up the trash here from this dadgum raccoon who decided to take a little constitution all across my walkway."


"I found a pregnancy test! It's a positive!"

Rose sighed. [Name] you owe me. "It's mine."


"I bought one and went over to see [Name]. I wanted to find out for certain."

"So you are?"

"No. Why do you think I'm at the clinic?"

"Because you're getting pills?"

"Incorrect. I'm getting blood work done. The results were a negative. The test was a false positive."

"Oh. I have to admit, I'm a tad disappointed."

"You both aren't ready for a kid. Nrub'yiglith, even I'm not ready. And I'm quite prepared."

"Uh. I think you just spoke some gobbledygook there."

"Fairly certain I did not."

"But the know what. I don't wanna know. I'm still allowed to be disappointed though!"

"Of course. As is your right. Forgive me, but I have to let you go. One of the ladies needs me."

"Right. Let [Name] know I'll be waiting at home!"

Clicking to end the call, Rose looked over at nurse approaching her. "She's in the recovery area right now. You can follow me if you wish."

"Yes please."


Sitting next to [Name], Rose smiled over at her. "And how do you feel?"

"Crampy," the girl grumbled.

"That'll happen. You don't feel entirely uncomfortable do you?"

"Not really. I just feel like my monthly cycle punched me in the gut and kicked my ass."

Rose laughed lightly. "At least you are well enough to make jokes. The nurse explained things to you right?"

"Yeah. I just need to go home and rest now. No sex, no baths, and just take it easy."

"Good luck with that one."

"What do you mean?"

Rose quickly explained to [Name] about the phone call.

"Fucking raccoons. I'll claw their eyes out. Thanks for sticking your neck out for me."

"You would have done the same. And don't you deny it [Name]."

"Of course I would have. You're my best friend, Rose!"

"As you are mine. Now, come on. Let's get you home."

"Yes please!"


Waving goodbye to Rose, [Name] entered her house and was instantly grabbed into a bear hug. Squinting her eyes to hide the flinching, she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend. "Hello to you, Jake."

"How's Rosey doing?"

"She's fine now."

"That's good. You're such a great friend to her, you know."

Pulling back, [Name] smiled at Jake. "Of course I am. We are best friends after all."

"Sheesh you know what I meant."

"I know!"

"Sad that she wasn't pregnant huh?"

"Yeah, but I don't think she's ready," [Name] mused. "And neither is Karkat. Can you imagine that loud mouthed fucker being a dad?"

Jake laughed, pushing his glasses up his nose. "I don't think so. That chap is scary. You can only imagine what kind of crazy children they'll have."

"With Rose's smarts and Karkat's mouth, they're bound to be a handful."

"And what about ours?"

[Name] stared at Jake's serious expression for a moment. "Beautiful ones with your green eyes and my [color] hair. Or perhaps my [color] eyes with your black hair?"

"Or maybe they'll be mini versions of you."

"Or even you."

Jake snorted. "I don't need my children running off on adventures. We'll have dogs that they'll grow up with right?"

[Name] nodded and leaned up to kiss him. "Right. But not yet. You still have to make your way through medical school." She rested a hand on her stomach.

I'm sorry. It wasn't the right time.
154. Time

-I am Pro-Woman's Choice. Which means that it's her body, and she can do whatever the fuck she wants with it. If she wants to have an abortion because she doesn't feel like it's the right time to have kids, or she just doesn't want them right now, that is HER CHOICE and HER RIGHT. -w-

Now then, I understand that there are people out there who are pro/anti abortion and that's cool too. This is just my take on it, and my feelings as well. I don't want to bring a child into the world when I'm not ready or I can't even probably support myself.


Okay. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I did a bit of research, but seeing as how I haven't had an abortion or kids, well. The research was all I had to go on.

Part Two ;; Write
Found here: 200 Prompts

Story (c) :iconnatsneko:

:iconpervyjakeenglishplz: & :iconroselalondeplz: (c) :iconthehussplz:

Top image [cropped by me] (c) ikimaru on tumblr [she has good art! Check it out c:]
[Karkat x Reader]

[Name] sighed to herself and buried her face in her hands. Groaning out loud, she alerted her roommate to her distress.

“What’s up girly?”

“This web comic I’m working on. It’s not working right now, Jade.”

“Weeeeeeeelllll, have you tried perhaps pairing up different characters together? I know you said Roark and June weren’t originally supposed to be a couple. Just something that happened.”

“But it’s been hinted about their future relationship.”

“Uh. Un..hint it? I don’t know about you, but Roark and Alice look absolutely adorable together.”

[Name] blushed slightly. She knew that Jade was only saying that because Alice was based on her and Roark was based on her longtime college crush, Karkat Vantas. “Y-you shush!”

“No way! Also, [Name]?”


“You have ink all over your face from your drawing.”


[>Find the crush]

Karkat Vantas drummed his fingers against his desk, waiting for the clock to strike four. His roommate and longtime pal, Sollux Captor, watched him with amusement dancing behind his bi-colored shades. “What the fuck, KK.”

“You shut the fuck up, Sollux.”

“I can’t believe you still follow that webcomic.”

“It’s fucking good okay!”

“You know Roark and June are getting together.”

“No way! It’s gonna be Roark and Alice! June is a little fucking whore.”

“Jesus Christ, KK. You’re so hooked into that. Ever think about trying to find the creator?”

“I’ve tried a couple of times, but he or she never responds to me.”

“Scoot the fuck over.”

“No! It’s almost four!”

“You asshat. As soon as she uploads it, I’ll hack a little into it to see if I can get an IP address.”

Karkat huffed, but his curiosity over finding out where this person was overtook his need to read the pages coming soon. Nearly four on the dot, another couple of pages to the comic appeared. Karkat watched Sollux work his keyboard magic and before long, the tech nerd had an answer.

“Holy shit.”

“What? Sollux, what?!”

“They go to our college.”


“Also you were right.”

“Huh?” Karkat asked.

“Roark and Alice are totally mouth fucking.”

“Get the fuck out of the way Sollux and let me read!”

“You’re such a moron.”

“Takes one to know one, dickbag!”

[>Find the author]

The next day, [Name] walked with her books pressed against her chest. She was on her way to the library to write a couple more pages before scanning them into her laptop. The librarian loved her, so she was allowed to use the scanner that was normally reserved for the professors. It was a lot easier for her to always make her weekly deadline of Monday at four.

Taking a table in the back, she spread all her stuff across it and began doodling little sketches of Alice and Roark. Only, they looked a lot more like her and Karkat. She wasn’t sure when she started crushing on the brash boy. It just...happened. Thinking back on it, she supposed that was in her freshman year of college. Back when she started writing her webcomic.

Time only improved her skills, and she constantly got great reviews for her things. Jade was the one who first pointed it out to her. For the past week, [Name] had found herself watching Karkat. The little things he did in the classes they held together. Seeing him outside with his small group of friends and his roommate, Sollux. And then she introduced two new characters to her webcomic: Roark and Alice.

While drawing up Roark, Jade had looked over her shoulder and giggled a little. “What?” [Name] had asked, puzzled as to why this particular panel of drawings was so funny.

“That kinda looks like Karkat Vantas. And that girl over there kinda looks like you!” Jade had said, laughing again.

“Oh shit!” [Name] had muttered, scratching out and adding little features here and there. “Better?”

“Better. But I still know who they represent.”

Shaking her head to return her mind back to the present, [Name] grabbed a couple pieces of blank paper and tried to remember how she ended the last panel. Soon the only sound that came from her table was the scratching of her pen over the pages. Jade had asked her once why she drew things in pen, especially just one pen. [Name] had just mentioned that it was her lucky pen, and if she was going to draw with anything, it would be with something that gave her luck.

A shadow approaching her table had her scrambling to cover what she was working on. When her math was successfully placed above the page containing Roark and Alice, a voice rang out.

“Hey there. It’s…[Name], right?”

Looking up, her breath caught in her throat. It was the real life Roark. Standing right in front of her.

“Y-yeah, that’s me,” she answered, smiling up at Karkat. “What’s up?”

Sighing in what seemed to be relief, the boy dropped into the seat across from her and pulled out his math book. “Think you can help out if you’re not busy? The fucking teacher obviously doesn’t understand how to teach, and I’m falling a bit behind. I’m generally pretty good at this shit, but it doesn’t help when we have a bad professor.”

[Name] nodded and scooted some of her stuff over, careful to keep the pages of her webcomic under her things. “Yeah. Karkat, right? What do you need some help with?”

For the next hour, both of them put their heads together and managed to get Karkat caught up on everything that he was confused on. [Name] herself learned a couple of tricks that would help her with equations later on down the line as well. Finally, Karkat leaned back in his chair and sighed.

"You’re a lifesaver, [Name]. Thanks a bunch.”

“It was my pleasure,” she answered, smiling at him.

“Hey listen-oh what’s that?” Pulling out one of her drawn on sheets of paper, his eyes barely caught a glance of it before the girl snatched it back.

“It’s nothing. I have to get going.” Gathering up her stuff in a rush, [Name] started walking toward the exit.

“Woah hey! Wait up, [Name]!” Shoving all his stuff in his bag, Karkat took off after her. He managed to get in front of her before she left the library.


“I’m sorry. I sometimes don’t think before I fucking act. It was probably something private to you, right?”

The girl nodded silently.

“A-anyway. Listen, how about we grab some coffee? My treat. Think of it as me thanking you for helping me with this math shit.”

“Oh um...I would but I promised my roommate that I’d be back by noon. We have plans later you see.”

“Oh. Okay, no that’s fine. I understand.” Karkat smiled at her. “See you in class?”

[Name] nodded and made her escape, mentally beating herself up the entire trip back to her room. Karkat watched the girl practically fly away from him. A smile graced his face for a moment.

“[Name] huh.” He murmured to himself. “There’s something about her. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

Speaking to Jade later that night, the bespectacled girl proceeded to squeal and then beat [Name] with a pillow for totally dodging Karkat’s obvious attempt to get to know her better. The girl laughed and took the beating her roommate gave her in stride. At least it looked like her webcomic would focus on Roark and Alice a lot more in the coming weeks.

[>One month later]

[Name] was radiating happiness for the past couple of weeks, to the utter joy of her roommate/unofficial sister from another mister. Karkat had began speaking to her in every class they had. He had even been going so far as to walk her to her next class before taking off for his before he was late.

They had shared a couple coffee ‘dates’ if she decided to label them like that. Really they just talked about whatever the fuck they wanted, and it didn’t feel as stressful as a real date would have been. She found out that he was an avid fan of her comic, and she had tried so hard to keep herself from blushing while he gushed about how good the plot was. He even mentioned that Roark and Alice getting together was the best choice in his opinion. When [Name] admitted that she had never read it, Karkat set his laptop in front of her and made her read her own comic from the very beginning. She ‘suffered’ through it for him, eventually saying that yes, she did in fact enjoy it.

She also learned that Karkat had an elder brother, Kankri, who was just two levels above them. Apparently, he was going for some sort of PhD so he had to take more schooling for it.

“Do you know what you wanna be? I mean, we are technically juniors in college.” [Name] had asked, blowing on her coffee cup before wrapping her hands around it.

“Sorta,” Karkat had answered, smiling at her. “I’m taking more essential courses for higher paying jobs. Hopefully I can keep my cussing to a minimum and get the fucking job I want when I’m ready for it.”

“You swear like a sailor, Karkat. I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

[Name] had started laughing, while the loud boy followed suit. Bringing herself out of her reverie, [Name] was currently walking across campus. Karkat had asked her to meet her by the fountain out in front of the main building.

When she got closer, she could see Karkat’s back. [Name] raised her hand and was about to call his name, but someone to his side beat her to it. [Name] watched as a girl with hair as dark as Karkat’s launched herself at him in some sort of a flying hug. And when she was clinging to him, she pulled him down for a kiss that seemed like it was meant for somewhere more private.

[Name] felt her heart breaking in pieces. Taking a few steps back and stopping the tears from falling down her face, the girl clenched her fists. Fine. If he was going to play with her heart, then she was going to play with his.

Pushing Terezi off him and wiping at his mouth in disgust, Karkat looked up just in time to see the girl he loved running away. “Fucking shit. [Name]! [Name]!”

Ignore his calls, the girl ran faster back to her dorm room. It was time for some payback.

“You’re some piece of fucking work, Terezi,” Karkat said, wiping at his mouth again.

The girl merely grinned up at him. “What? You didn’t miss me, Kar?”

“Not even a bit, you fucking bitch. I said we were done months ago when you cheated on me with fucking Strider.”

“But Kar, I love you. Not him. It was a mistake, I swear.” The girl pouted up at him, obviously trying to win back his favor.

“No, the only mistake here was me wasting months dating you. Stay the fuck away from me, Terezi. We’re never going to be anything ever again. Not even friends.”

[>Find the broken girl]

Slamming the door shut behind her, [Name] stomped to her room.

“[Name]?” Jade asked softly, trying to follow the girl to her room. “What’s wrong?”

The girl turned and looked at her roommate, tears trailing down her face. “You’ll see. You’ll see.”

Jade tilted her head, confused at what [Name] was talking about, but then there was a locked door in her face and no matter how much she pleaded, [Name] didn’t listen nor would she leave.

[>Enter the webcomic?]

With sword in hand, Roark looked around the forest. It was just last night that it felt safe to him and his little gang of people he was traveling with. Being a mercenary and bodyguard originally hired on for protecting the oracle, Roark found himself caring for everyone in his little troupe.

There was Fig, the crazy old wizard who sometimes lit people’s asses on fire. The man claimed it was pure accident, but Roark had caught him cackling softly to himself more often than once. Then there was Fi, the oracle he was tasked to protect. It was imperative that she and her magical healing powers made it to the City of Berrix so she could heal the king and save them from the natural impending doom.

Then came June, who Roark was not so fond of. They had found her in a tavern, and despite her lithe body and exotic dancing moves, she was definitely an assassin. After she had failed to take out a single member of their force, she decided to join them. If only to get closer to the swordsman. He had fought off her advances with ease. He didn’t like his women used.

After June came the creepy twins they had run into: Cǎo and Kōngqì. They claimed to be forest spirits, one being the spirit of the grass while the other was the spirit of the air. They had proved it time and time again by using their magics to control the forest itself, but Roark just felt a chill run down his spine every time they did it. He wasn’t the biggest fan of magic. Give him a shield and sword any day.

There was another sword wielder who didn’t seem to talk much, but he and Roark got along just fine. The man thought back a bit. He was pretty sure the only time he had heard the man talk was to say his name, which was Damintri. A strange name for this common land, but Roark had accepted it. And finally, his favorite person that was part of their caravan. Alice. He considered her the love of his life. He had found her some months before he had accepted the mission to protect the oracle.

They had clashed swords more than once. She preferred to duel wield, and when that didn’t work, she used her bow. And she was lightning quick. Which made sense because she was an elf, although she hid her ears with hoods and long hair when she could. She didn’t like being looked down upon because she was a different race than humans were. In fact, he didn’t expect to fall in love with her. It just...happened.

Shaking his head, the creepy twins approached him silently. “We feel uneasy this night,” they murmured together. “Shall we guard the oracle with our magic?”

Roark nodded slowly. “Yes. You guys and Fig take the back and sides of her carriage. Myself and Damintri will guard the front.”

“And me.”

Roark looked over at Alice who smiled at him from beneath her hood. “You shant be leaving me behind on this one.”


“What, Roark? You were going to tell myself and June to get on the horses in front of the carriage right? Not this time. June can take one, I’ll help you guys out here. I lived in a forest remember?”


“C’mon I’m a tough girl,” Alice teased, making sure Damintri wasn’t looking before she leaned up and gave Roark a kiss. “Trust me.”

Roark gave the elven girl a look, but finally nodded. “Okay. Just be careful.”

“Always.” She threw a wink at him before grabbing her bow from her back and nocking an arrow.


The bad feeling in Roark’s gut only got worse as the night wore on. It was like never ending darkness before them, minus the little will-o-the-wisp creatures that were floating around, courtesy of Fig’s fire magic. A high pitch screech from the trees in front of them caused Roark and Damintri to spring into action. Whipping out their swords, tall creatures emerged in front of them, screeching and claws at the air in front of them. They looked like demonic humanoid dogs that stood up on their hind legs. Instead of paws or hands, however, they had curved blades connected to their arms.

“What the fuck!” Roark yelled. “Protect the oracle!”

The next minutes felt like hours to him as he dodged bladed arm slices and snapping jaws. He had never seen such creatures before. It was hard for him to focus on making sure the oracle was protected and then Alice as well. He occasionally caught glances of her hopping from branch to branch, nocking arrows as fast as she was shooting them.

Hearing a branch crack, he watched Alice fall from the tree. “Alice!”

“I’m okay! It hit the branch! Protect Fi!”

Breathing a sigh of relief, he refocused back on the battle. Once all the creatures were slain or dying, Roark went around to make sure everyone was okay. After checking up on Fi and making sure that she was calmed down, Roark went around looking for Alice.

“Alice?” A body laying next to a tree caught his attention. “Alice…?”

Roark dropped to his knees and rolled her over, crying out when he saw the wound that stretched from her right shoulder to her left hip. She coughed, blood flowing from her mouth as she tried to laugh. “Sorry I lied.”

“Alice please you can’t. Fi! FI!”

The oracle ran from the carriage at Roark’s urgent voice. “Roark? Ali-Oh gods no Alice!”

Dropping to her knees, the oracle ran her hands over the bloody wound. “She’s lost a great deal of her life force, Roark. I’m not sure she’ll survive, even if I tried to heal her.”

“Please Fi. Please.”

“No, Roark. It’s fine. Fi needs to save all her magic and strength for the king.” Coughing out more blood, Alice lay back in the grass. “Don’t forget me love.”

“Alice! ALICE!”

[>Join the real world]

Scribbling furiously with her pen and swiping at her eyes so no tears made her ink run, [Name] finished the page she was working on and sat back in her chair. Letting her pen fall to the side, she buried her face in her hands and sobbed. It was for the good of her heart. Kill her character which killed her love for Karkat. All she had to do now was wait for Monday.


Karkat drummed his fingers against his desk, eagerly awaiting the next couple of pages of his favorite webcomic. For the past couple of days, he’d been trying to get in contact with [Name]. He had to apologize, had to explain about Terezi. He had been more than prepared to confess his feelings to her, to ask her to be his girlfriend. And then Terezi had to come and fuck it all up.

After refreshing the page again, Karkat found the little arrow down near the bottom that indicated more pages had been updated. “Yes!” He cheered, scanning the pages and smiling while he did so. Sollux looked up from his book and rolled his eyes at his roommate.

“That webcomic again? That shit ain’t gonna get you chicks you kn-”


Sollux jumped up in surprise and ran to the computer. “What?”

“This person killed off Alice! He or she killed her off! Alice and Roark were perfect together! PERFECT! FUCK!”

Sollux sighed and waved his hand at Karkat. “Hopeless.”

“SOLLUX! You have to do it!” Karkat jumped up and grabbed his best friend by the lapels of his shirt. “Find this person! PLEASE!”

“Are you serious,” Sollux deadpanned, staring at his roommate.

“Dead fucking serious.”

“Fine. Fine. Move.”

Sollux typed away for at least ten minutes while Karkat paced in his room. Every so often he would stare over Sollux’s shoulder to check on his progress. He got shooed away every time he even came close. Finally he heard Sollux lean back in the chair. “Holy shit.”


Sollux moved back so Karkat could take a look at the picture he pulled up. Karkat’s eyes widened in surprise. “[Name]? SHE’S the author? Are you certain?!”

“Yeah. It’s her.”

Cursing angrily, Karkat grabbed his coat. Tossing it on, he thanked Sollux before rushing out of his dorm. It took him only a couple minutes to make his way across campus to where Jade and [Name] shared a dorm. He was faintly aware of him running, but before he could even think on it, he had reached their door.

Knocking lightly, Jade answered. “Helloooo?”

“I need to see her.”

Jade’s eyes darkened with anger. “No.”

“You don’t understand. And neither does she. But this isn’t about me, or you, or her. It’s about Roark and Alice.”

Jade’s gaze grew confused. “What?”

“I killed her.”

Jade turned to look at her roommate and Karkat took the chance to step into the dorm. “C’mon,” he growled angrily, grabbing [Name] and pulling her into the room he assumed was her. Slamming the door shut behind him, he whirled to face her.

“You killed Alice!”




“Fucking HELL, [Name]! I’ve been trying to contact you for days. You ignore my calls, texts, and you won’t even look or talk to me in class.”


“I’ve been trying to tell you that I’m sorry. Fuck, [Name]. Terezi is a whore, a cheat, and a bitch. She’s not my girlfriend. Hasn’t been for nearly a year. The bitch cheated on me, and I never looked back. For some reason, I think she considers me the ‘one that got away.’ And I’m sorry you had to see that. I had called you to the fountain to tell you that I love you. You hear me? I fucking love you!”

Tears slid down [Name]’s face as she launched herself at Karkat, wrapping her arms around him. “You have no idea how much it hurt me. I’ve had the biggest crush on you since our first year in college. I love you too.”

Sighing in relief, Karkat hugged [Name] closer to him. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You knew Roark and Alice were my favorite pair didn’t you? That’s why you killed her off.”

“I actually left it a little open ended. She could have passed out.” [Name] said, grinning sheepishly up at Karkat. “I couldn’t truly kill off the representation of myself.”


Stepping back from Karkat’s embrace, [Name] pulled a folder from her shelf. Sifting through a couple papers, she grabbed the one she was looking for before passing it over to him. “First sketches of Roark and Alice before they were inserted into the comic.”

Karkat’s eyes scanned the faces and poses. “They kinda look”

[Name] nodded. “Jade pointed it out to me. They were a girl’s fantasy. My heart, soul, and ink.”

The boy locked eyes with her and smiled. “I’m flattered. I’ve kinda had a crush on you for a long time too. I wasn’t sure how to approach you though. I’m glad I finally did.”

“I’m glad you did too,” she murmured, looking up at him.

Leaning down, he framed her face with his hands and gave her a kiss. “So, you’re bringing Alice back ri-oof!”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Yes, [Name]. Can I say one more thing?”


“You taste like ink.”

“I fucking hate you.”

“No you do-oof!”
089. Ink
Done. Done. DONE.

This was supposed to be a LOT shorter lol. Guess not.

-w- It's like 1:42 am. I should be sleeping or getting ready to sleep. Guess not.

Also I hate Karezi LOL

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