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Toasty Toast by PhookaBoo

This is one good looking toast man, but I don't think I'll get too close to him with those sharp teeth he has there. I can see the true...


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Your name is Image hosted by and you've been put on this planet for seemingly one purpose. It's a good thing people like your stuff otherwise you would have been Image hosted by long ago. You're a hooman being with an interest in a fuckton of music, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, various vidya games, Skyrim, and Homestuck. You're currently Image hosted by years old. Your favorite color is Image hosted by

You identify most with Image hosted by, and it is a personal goal of yours to be able to learn how to play the Image hosted by You have quite the crush on Image hosted by who is way too cool for the likes of you anyway. Your current song of choice to listen to is Image hosted by

What will you do now?

I have a Moirail~ :iconbelgarion489:
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Labored breathing,
Trouble sleeping,
Bolt up out of bed.
Other side freezing,
One heart beating,
W h e r e  i s  s h e?

Put on glasses,
Throw off sheets,
Get tangled in the blankets.
Curse and cuss,
Ever so softly,
W h y  i s  s h e  g o n e?

Pad downstairs,
Call her name,
No answer or reply.
Furrow brow,
Worried now,
H o w  d i d  s h e  s l i p  a w a y?

Eerie silence,
Ears ringing,
Step into the kitchen.
Tiptoe ‘round broken glass,
Tilt head in confusion,
W h a t  h a p p e n e d?

Grab the broom,
Sweep up mess,
Breathe out heavy sigh.
Call out again,
Only the wind,
W h e n  d i d  t h a t  d o o r  o p e n?

Look out door,
Signs of struggle,
Blood on steps outside.
Alarmed and scared,
Dots dance in vision,
W h o  w o u l d  t a k e  h e r?

Heart ;; S H A T T E R E D
100. Shatter
Lol it doesn't rhyme but yolo. It follows the who, what, when, where, why and how bits. Not in the order but also yolo.

Typed this up in likeeeee....fiiiive minutes? Maybe? Idk. It's Dave, btw. Yeah. Gotta show my other Strider some love.

Asked my dad today, "Oh hey dad. Number between 1 and 200?"


"Wow thanks for the deep and intricate thought. Shatter it is. Time to wreck some feels."

It's what I'm known for right? P: Right. I'll have internet at my house the 28th. *cheers*

Story (c) :iconnatsneko:

Dave (c) :iconthehussplz:

Top Image (c) :icondontevenknow-anymore:
\\The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting, Could it be that we have been this way before. I know you don't think that I am trying, I know you're wearing thin down to the core.\\

It was dead quiet when Dirk entered his apartment that he shared with his longtime girlfriend, [Name]. With guitar case in hand, he softly kicked the door closed behind him. The clock on the wall read three in the morning, and he winced as he remembered the promise he had made earlier in the evening. 'Not a minute later than midnight, Babe. I promise.' The words echoed in his head over and over. Sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose, the orange eyed musician left his case by the couch.

Making sure to kick his shoes off as an afterthought, he padded into the bedroom and leaned against the doorjamb for a moment. The moonlight shone down on the lone body in the bed. It was evident that she had been sleeping for a while yet. His lips quirked up in a slight smirk. [Name] never buried her head under the pillows until she'd had at least three or four hours of sleep under her belt. It was the odd things she did that endeared Dirk to her all the more. Pulling his shirt over his head and sliding his jeans off his hips, he moved to join his girlfriend in bed.

Snuggling down under the covers, he reached over for her, and was surprised to find a pillow blocking his way. "[Name]?"

"Go to bed, Dirk."

"But I-"

"You don't have to touch me to fall asleep. And I don't need a fight over something silly. I'm tired and you're tired. Go to bed."

Dirk blew out a slightly irritated breath but he did acquiescence to her request. He rolled over and tried to get comfy, but it took him at least another hour to fall asleep. He hated it when they were like this. He was doing the best he could to make a good life for them? Couldn't she see that?

On [Name]'s side, she let the silent tears slip down her face. When Dirk had promised her midnight, she had waited up, even though she knew it would be in vain. She had gotten out the wine, a celebration to his biggest gig yet, had even worn that dress that was hung up in her closet. She knew Dirk loved her in it, while he loved her even more out of it. Giddy with anticipation, she had lit candles around the apartment half an hour before midnight and she waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally around one, she cleaned everything up, ditched the dress in the laundry room, and crawled into bed for some restless sleep. As always. She was tired of always doing things for them, when they ended up just being for her. Trying to bury herself in the covers again, she closed her eyes and attempted to get some sleep.

She was always so tired recently...

\\This is not what I intended, I always swore to you I'd never fall apart. You always thought that I was stronger, I may have failed. But I have loved you from the start, Oh.\\

"Just stop it, Dirk!"

The tall Strider stepped back a bit at the heated anger within his significant other's voice. "[Name]?"

"I'm tired of it! The lies, the coming home late, the empty promises! I have needs too! Needs that I suppose you have conveniently forgotten because of your pursuit for music. I understand that it's important to you, and I want to always be there for you. But my selflessness only stretches so far."

"Please I-"

"I'm going to stay with my parents for a few days. Don't wait up like I always did for you."

After watching his love walk right out the door, Dirk dropped to one knee and tried to keep himself together. "You're a Strider. A Strider does not cry. A Strider does not get hung up over a girl. But she's not just any girl. She's my girl."

Running toward the door, fully intending to chase after [Name] and beg her to stay, he paused as he thought about what she said. Sighing, he hung his head and backed up from the door.

"I'll give her a couple days."


Entering her apartment, [Name] wasn't surprised to see the lights were off as if Dirk wasn't home. She figured that his life would go on without her as it always did. Some time at her parents house did her some good. She got to visit her family and the pet that she missed dearly every time she had to leave. Kicking off her shoes by the door, she turned the living room light on and was surprised to see Dirk passed out on the couch.

He had quite the stubble going on, as if he hadn't shaved since she had left. She looked over at his guitar case, noticing that it looked like it hadn't moved at all. His phone on the coffee table was blinking rapidly with all the texts and missed calls that he had received. As if he didn't want to look at them.


Startled out of her musings, she stared into the bloodshot eyes of her boyfriend. "It's me."

"Oh thank god you're back!" Reaching over, Dirk hugged [Name] around the waist, burying his face in her stomach. "I missed you so much. I'm sorry, Babe. So, so sorry."

The girl was surprised that Dirk was acting this way; she had never seen such a side to him. He was always cool, calm, and collected. The epitome of what a Strider should always be. "Dirk?"

"I love you, [Name]. Never forget that."

\\Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you, Over again. Don't make me change my mind, Or I won't live to see another day. I swear it's true, Because a girl like you is impossible to find.\\

They spent the night talking about everything between cuddling in bed and just holding each other. [Name] had missed Dirk more than she had let on previously and leaving him had taken everything out of her. She kinda liked Dirk with his stubble beard going on, so he agreed to keep it for at least another day or more before he had to shave it off.

He had to keep his image together for the band after all. Smiling to himself as he watched [Name] nod off, he brushed his hand over her cheek and thought that this night of reconciliation nearly made him fall in love with her all over again. She was a diamond in the rough. And she was all his. He wouldn't do anything to threaten almost losing her again.

\\You're impossible to find.\\
Fall For You [Dirk x Reader]
Song was requested by :iconsasuhinaxlover: Sorry if it's shit lol.

The song is Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade in case anyone wanted to know ^^

I've been listening to Secondhand Serenade for years. And unfortunately right now, this type of song, isn't good for my emotional or mental state. Unfortunately, it was the only song I really wanted to type to right now. Some of the problems listed within this piece of writing have actually impacted by own relationship out here in IRL. AKA my selflessness and how much I was willing to give.

Sigh. I still love him too. LOLOL

ANYWAY. Here you go. I'm not dead. On the outside. Inside, yes. I am very much ded. ;w; Time to go cry. It's like 5am LOL. It's been like a week Nat gtfover it.

Story (c) :iconnatsneko:

:iconpervydirkplz: (c) :iconthehussplz:

Top Image (c) :iconkaiserintorizo:
Hey all you lovely gals and guys. I feel this is easier than posting a journal, but just an update for you all. I'm sorry I haven't had internet or the time to upload things for you guys. And right now, I've just lost my interest in writing completely. My boyfriend broke up with me last night, and right now, I'm not in a correct mental or emotional state to do anything except work like the robot I am and deal with it for the next few weeks. So you guys are going to have to wait longer than anticipated before I can come up with something that I call writing. Sorry.


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2014, 12:19 PM
I still have no internet. I've been working two jobs and spending my time between family, the boyfriend, and the gay best friend who is not gay since he broke his stupid ankle. The fucker. Real issues have been going on and I'm like asdfghj

So yeah.

I wish I could pay someone to draw me and my boyfriend together for his Christmas present. That would be cute af right?


*flies away*

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Oh my god. After about an hour collectively throughout the past couple of days, I have gotten through all my backlogged comments, llamas, watchers, and what not. Sorry if I haven't replied to your comments. Unfortunately, I'm busy at the moment. ;w; But I will reply to new ones I get now that I've gotten the entire thing wiped clean.


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2014, 12:19 PM
I still have no internet. I've been working two jobs and spending my time between family, the boyfriend, and the gay best friend who is not gay since he broke his stupid ankle. The fucker. Real issues have been going on and I'm like asdfghj

So yeah.

I wish I could pay someone to draw me and my boyfriend together for his Christmas present. That would be cute af right?


*flies away*

  • Mood: Tired
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  • Watching: Chip play Diablo III
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